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Fuel Economy values are estimates and based on {{model.year}} model year EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary, depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery pack age/condition (hybrid models only) and other factors.

Fuel Economy values are estimates and based on {{model.year}} model year EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary, depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery pack age/condition (hybrid models only) and other factors.

While BERMAN INFINITI and Roadster try to make sure all information posted here is accurate, we cannot be responsible for typographical and other errors (e.g., data transmission) that may appear on the site. If the posted price (including finance and lease payments) for a vehicle is incorrect, BERMAN INFINITI and Roadster will endeavor to provide you with the correct prices as soon as we become aware of the error. In the event a vehicle is priced incorrectly, BERMAN INFINITI shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the vehicle presented with the incorrect price. In addition, vehicle prices are subject to change and all vehicles are subject to prior sale and may not be available when you are ready to purchase.

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Save time purchasing your next vehicle with INFINITI Chicago’s Berman Perfect Price. We provide the very best customer experience. We take the hassle and stress out of time-consuming price negotiations. The Berman Perfect Price is determined by sophisticated software that researches identical vehicles in your area, and trusted third-party sources like Kelley Blue Book and Trust the Berman Perfect Price!

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With Express, you can complete your entire buying experience online, much like you would buy anything else online. Of course, we’re here to help if you need us. Our Express site allows you to easily search for or configure the car you want and then explore your purchase options; cash, lease or finance. You’ll be presented with a fully transparent online deal sheet that includes the price of the car and all associated fees. You will also have the opportunity to purchase discounted service and maintenance plans. If you would like to proceed with the purchase, after a credit verification, you can accept the deal sheet and schedule delivery of your new car. It’s that easy!

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Simply provide an email address or phone number to unlock our online only, upfront pricing for every vehicle in our inventory. Our efficient Express sales process gives us a competitive cost advantage, allowing us to pass significant to savings to you, our valued customers.

Miles per gallon equivalent for electric vehicles. MPGe measures the distance that a car can travel using the same amount of energy that is generated by burning a gallon of gasoline.
Safety rating on a 1–5 scale from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
Predicted reliability rating on a 1–5 scale from J.D. Power and Associates.
The manufacturer's suggested retail price.
The amount you pay at signing to finalize a lease contract and drive the car off the lot. It usually includes the first month’s lease payment, capitalized cost reduction, documentation fees charged by the dealer, an acquisition fee charged by the leasing company, {{rdgl.dealerText.sales_tax}} and various state registration fees.
The predicted wholesale value of your car at the end of the lease. Residual Value is often expressed as a percentage of the vehicle’s MSRP and is always non-negotiable.
The length of the contract, loan, or lease. Typically measured in months.
Non-negotiable fee, charged by the lease company or bank, for processing a lease.
A standard, non-negotiable fee communicated at lease inception and collected when the vehicle is returned. The fee, which can range from $300 to $600 depending on the manufacturer, is used to cover expenses associated with reselling the vehicle, including reconditioning and auction fees. If you purchase the vehicle at lease end, you will typically not be charged the fee although you may be charged a comparable purchase option fee. Most manufacturers will waive the lease disposition fee if you lease or purchase a new vehicle from the same brand at the end of the lease term.
At the end of a lease term, the lessee has the option to purchase the vehicle at the pre-determined residual value of the vehicle plus, typically, an additional $300 to $600 fee called the Purchase Option Fee.
The maximum number of miles a lease vehicle can be driven per year without incurring a penalty. You can usually pay for additional miles at the start of a lease for significantly less than the penalty you would incur for the same miles at the end of the lease.
The proportion of a loan that is charged as interest, expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR) of the loan amount.
A leasing term for the cost of borrowing money; basically an APR for leasing. You can estimate what your interest rate (see Annual Percentage Rate) is with a lease by multiplying the Money Factor by 2,400. (0.0025 x 2,400 = 6% APR).
Depending on the state, {{rdgl.dealerText.sales_tax}} is calculated based on the city of the dealer or where you will be registering the vehicle.
The dollar amount provided by a lease holder or loan holder on a monthly basis to the lessor or lender for a specific period of time (lease or loan term).
Money taken off the vehicle price at the time of purchase. The dealership receives the money for the rebate from the manufacturer and passes it along to the consumer. By law, dealerships are not allowed to hold the rebate back, or keep any portion of it.
Amount you pay at contract signing in order to reduce the total amount you are financing. The higher the down payment, the lower your monthly payments.
Amount you are financing. The lower this amount, the lower your monthly payments but the higher your down payment.
Includes the estimated first-year state registration fee for your new car, collected by the dealer; and the documentation fee charged by the dealer to prepare a sales contract.
A non-negotiable fee added to the price of a new car to cover the cost of shipping the vehicle from the manufacturer to the dealership.
Non-negotiable fees charged by the state to register your vehicle, assign a title, and cover the cost of your license plates.
This charge covers the cost a dealership incurs to process a vehicle purchase, including the associated paperwork and labor for processing the sales contract.
A non-negotiable and non-taxable fee for new tires as part of any new car purchase or lease.
A fee charged by the dealer for electronic document filing that cannot exceed the actual amount the dealer is charged by a first-line service provider for such transactions.
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For privacy purposes, your credit score will not be displayed. Instead, we use the score to estimate your monthly payments and customize your deal. Actual rates remain subject to credit approval by the lender on completion of a full application.
Current manufacturer {{dto.dealType}} rates and rebates end on {{$, 'MMMM d')}}.
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